Club - Der ACC e.V.

The Allgemeine Chow-Chow Club is the oldest club that is keeping a breeding book for the race of Chow-Chow. Since 1950 it is a member of the VDH e.V. in the Federation Cynologique Internationale FCI and it´s the legitimately legal successor of the Chow-Chow Club of the German Empire that was founded in 1930.

The ACC placed itself these aims in its statute:

  • Keeping clean of the race
  • Adherence to and monitoring the breeding guidelines
  • Keeping of the special breeding book
  • Registration of the Chow-Chow breeders and friends
  • Consultation of the members in all questions about breeding and attitude
  • Promotion of dog shows
  • Care of the animal protection


The ACC cares for it´s members in 11 regional committees in whole federal territory. Partners in ACC e.V. are:

Head Office ACC.e.V.
Angela Winnesberg, Ginsterstr. 73, 46348 Raesfeld-Erle
Tel.: 02865/8353, Fax: 02865/603800, E-Mail:

Breeding book place /switching of puppies:
Jutta Mayer Tel.:+49 (0 60 74) 920801 Fax.: +49 (0 60 74) 920802