Chow Chow Puppies

Chow Chow Puppies Playing

We wish to see the Chow Chow as a healthy, mobile, sporty and also harmonic, medium weight dog.
It should have have an open face with a padding muzzle - in which we see the wonderful loving facial expression!

Our dogs go for long walks with us where they can run, play and swimm. Frendly and happy they meet other dogs - Our Heart is jumping for joy when we can look at our playing and running dogs, of course they walk unleashed. With all of our dogs we visited the dogshool, because only an unleashed dog, that goes for walks and has the chance to meet other dogs is a happy dog!!
And that is what we wish for every of our babies!!

blue Chow  Chow puppies in the GardenOur upbringing

Two weeks before the babies expected we built up our welpingbox beside our bed. Till the birth we spent some hours snuggeling up, eating a little snack or just sleeping in it.
With the birth our everday life directed by the mommy and her little babies. Now our day goes by with washing the babybeds and hours on the telephon to inform the new adotivparents about the frist two weeks.
Chow  Chow puppy Dan Hua with stickWe love this call´s - they´re so full o joy and energie - this always remembers me, how exciting the waiting on Jumiko was.

We prefer a summer litter, we think this is the plan of nature and we should make it like this.And of course it is much better to make it possible that the babys can play in the sun on the gras in fresh air.

At about 14 days of life it gets more and more exciting when the babys awake to life, they crawl, try to walk, open their eyes, the ears - every day we realize some other things - it is the best time in life!!! I love it!!
This is the time when they get out of the welpingbox on their own and explore  the house and of course their own abilitys.
Chow Chow  puppy playing

Near the 3 week, when their scouting desire gets bigger and bigger and they can trust their legs more and more we let them conquer the house - first the hall,than the living room and about 4 weeks they reach the terrace door. With this goal the babys can decide on their own, when the weather is good enough, if they want to play out - or inside.

Chow  Chow    Welpe auf Schaukel


 This way our "Zung Tzung Le" become friendly and self confident dogs, we do a lot for this...
beside our "Adventure-parcours" consisting of shakeboard, seesawboard, swingboard, ballpool (with/without water) a tunnel to play and many more things, we give our babys the possibility to try out different undergrounds. inside: carpet, tile and laminate Outside: tile, gras, bark mulch and ground.

All our neigbours were invited so the pups get to know every humanbeing - from very young to old.

After this meetings, when the pups fell confident with humans - we play with masks in the face, with an duvet cover over us so that we look like a ghost or we come into the garden as motorcycle driver.

And the greatest thing these days are in the evenings - the snuggle time!!!!!!!!!!

Our planned litters:

sorry nothing here at the moment...

Our previous litters:

E - Litter

Matingday: 15.11.2014

Birthday: 15.01.2015

Pedigree : E-Litter


Chi Ming Zung Tzung Le
ED: 0


Photos of the Chow Chow Puppies: E-litter

D - Litter

Matingday: 27.+29.04.2008

Birthday: 29.06.2008

Pedigree : D-Litter


Pei Fang Midnight Zeb
ED: 2

Photos of the Chow Chow Puppies: D-litter Zung Tzung Le

C - Litter

Matingday: 17/18.04.2005

Birthday: 15.06.2005

Pedigree : C-Litter


Smooth Contender of the Royal Club

On 15.06.05 Ai Bu became mother of 6 lovely pups! two blue boys, two black boys, one red boy and one red girl!

Photos of the Chow Chow Puppies: C-Litter Ai Bu Shi Shou

B - Litter

Matingday: 05./06.09.2003

Birthday: 08.11.2003

Pedigree : B-Litter


Gambler of the China´s Joy

On the evening of 08 November 2003 Jumiko gave birth to 5 healthy babies. Equal to our A-litter there are 2 boys and 3 girls. And they are all black!

Photos of the Chow Chow Puppies: B-Litter Jumiko

A - Litter

Matingday: 20./21.02.2002

Birthday: 23.04.2002

Pedigree : A-Litter


Ban-Tu von Reichenberg

On 23rd April 2002 5 black Chow Babies saw the light of the world. 2 Boys and 3 Girls, they came beween 20:10 and 22:15

Photos of the Chow Chow Puppies: A-Litter Jumiko